Beautiful things lie here.



Utilitarian enough to grind across your cast iron yet something you would be proud to put in a display case; my widdles are inspiration for your kitchen. Each piece has hours of detailed and often tedious handiwork. I hope you find something to go with your culinary collection and if not let me know what I can create custom for you.



Oil Works

Nothing quite like swirling color over a canvas until it looks like something beautiful. That is often my approach and I just keep at it till it feels done. I promise you my paintings are rich in color and quirky enough to adorn your walls.




Tintype Images

I am a slave to an age old trade. This 19th century process of creating silver images on metal has taken my money, my time and often…my sanity. I happily trade it all in for that gitty feeling I get when these images come to fruition. Obsessed yes, and you will be too when you get a hold of one of these one of a kind tintype images.