Book a Tintype Portrait

Book a Tintype Portrait


No doubt tintypes look best with people in them. Take a trip back in time to the mid 19th century with this fascinating and beautiful process of making metal images.

Tintypes are unmatched in resolution, far greater resolution than any photo ever taken of you, digital or film?

Unlike modern photographs, Tintypes will outlast you, and your kids and their kids too. It is raw silver on aluminum and if placed in a safe spot will essentially last forever!

Host a family BBQ, block party or even an afternoon wedding. Once I set up, the fun begins as individuals, couples and even large groups are invited to experience how photography got its start. Dress up or dress down, this event is something you will be talking about for years to come. All tintypes are ready to take home that day.

Please contact me on current pricing for events. $50 to set up 2 hour session.. $50 to take home your favorite Tintype. $30 for every tintype after that. OR $150 all included 2 hour session.

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