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The tale of a master of none, plenty of some.

Painting, photography, wood carving, video, design, pen and illustration work…creating. My soul was meant to create. Too bad it is also a wandering soul and I have yet to master any one of these subjects. I am confident you will find the labor and love I have poured into each piece is special in its own way. This website is a showcase of what I have done over the years with my labors of handy love and I encourage you to be inspired by it and then get off the computer and make your own!


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To me life is fullest when I balance healthy work with an active lifestyle leaving time for love of my wife, friends and family. I have the benefit of finding such riches of a lifestyle in Flagstaff, Arizona. My wife Alyssa is a beautiful inspiring spirit. My town is one of bustling social goodness. My job is one that brings me joy and purpose. Life is good and I won’t soon forget how rare and blessed that is.